Gold & White Holiday Decor

I’m a huge fan of shopping local, but I also love a good trip to Home Goods & Target. Over the last few weeks, I have had to shop both stores numerous times for design projects. And along the way, I’ve been picking up gold, white and natural decor for my home. For as long as… (Read More)

Happy Thanksgiving

The table is set, the house is clean and there are delicious things cooking in the oven. And! I have enough time to write this post. How incredible is that?! A definite first. I think I am getting a hang of this whole planning/organization thing. Today I am hosting Thanksgiving and I could not be… (Read More)

Holiday Wreaths

I’m feeling the urge to make a holiday wreath today. There is just something so therapeutic about trudging through the woods, gathering bits of nature and then combining them into something beautiful for your home. Gone are the days of big bows, cheap bright colors, and fluffy fake holiday wreaths. This season the trend is… (Read More)

Loveseat in the Dining Room

A few years back I bought a $20 vintage sofa (BIG spender here) from the sweet elderly lady across the street and placed it in my dining room. I have this funny little nook in the dining/kitchen area that serves zero purpose. Due to the low window placement, a buffet would look awkward. So instead, I placed… (Read More)

Pause & Reflect

I’ve started a mid-week ritual as of this month. On Wednesday afternoons I take a little time out and find some inspiration. It’s so easy to get caught up in work and forget about filling up the creativity tank. I can’t tell you how many times I have ran on fumes for weeks on end… (Read More)