Mix it Up! Coral Pink Sand

I rarely can find the color I imagine for a project on the shelf of any store. Everything I like is an in-between of something. I’m not sure if its the fact that I am complicated, or that I’m simply ahead of the game. Whatever it is, it keeps me on my toes. If I can’t find it, I make it my damn self.

When I bought hanging glass containers last summer for my air plants, I thought finding a coral pink sand for them would be easy. I thought “coral pink is popular, colored sand is popular, there should be plenty of choices”. Ummm, no. Every shade I came upon was too bright, too childish, or too muddy. I was determined to find this color to pair with the art on my living room walls. But after weeks of looking, I knew it was time to rethink my color choice. I either needed to go with a completely different color or dye the sand myself. Neither of which I wanted to do. This was supposed to be a simple project. And then a light bulb went on – mix pink and orange sand together. Voila! coral pink.

Perfect, right?! The color pops against the gray walls and pairs beautifully with my art collection. I could not be happier.

Just remember, there is always a way to bring your ideas to fruition. The key is to step back from the idea when you’ve hit a road block. The solution is likely staring you in the face and much simpler than you anticipated.

If you are in Nashville and looking for an excellent selection of air plants, glass containers and colored sand, head over to All Seasons on 8th Avenue. It’s hands down my favorite garden store.

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Holiday Wreaths

Large tile4I’m feeling the urge to make a holiday wreath today. There is just something so therapeutic about trudging through the woods, gathering bits of nature and then combining them into something beautiful for your home.

Gone are the days of big bows, cheap bright colors, and fluffy fake holiday wreaths. This season the trend is clean lines and soft color palettes. Using fresh flowers, botanicals and fruits. A welcomed change.

Looking for inspiration? Check out Alyssa Hoppe, Moon Canyon Designs, Annette Joseph and Gardenista on Pinterest. Or pick up my new favorite book, The Wreath Recipe Book.

1. Unique Holiday Wreath by Alyssa Hoppe (DIY on Design Love Fest)
2. Metallic Pinecone Wreathy by Papier D’Amour
3. Thanksgiving Wreath by Emily Thompson
4. Citrus Winter Wreath by Sarah Ryhanen
5 & 6. Wreaths by Moon Canyon Designs

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Holiday Card? Gift Tag? Photo Book? Create them all with Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising has me really excited about making my own gifts this year. If you haven’t heard about them, they are best known for their Instagram friendly book. Last year, I had so many friends shouting from the rooftops about this company and the Instagram book. I fell in love the second I landed on their homepage. So many fun ways to gift your memories! From books to calendars to works of art, your options are limitless.

This year they launched new holiday cards. When I saw their 3-in-1 Photo Cards on Instagram, my heart skipped a beat. The design is perfection! Joyeux_3-in-1_greetingcard-photoprint-gifttag-horz

3-in-1 Photo Cards “Reinvent your holiday photo card. The 3-in-1 card is a greeting card, a photo print and a gift tag – all in one. With perforated seams, this card can be re-purposed by recipients.” That tag is what did it for me! I love a good graphic on a package, especially if it involves typography.

Hardcover Photo Book-horz2
Hardcover Book “The signature line in our product suite, this premium quality photo book is custom bound in fabric with your choice of a full-sized or partial dust jacket.” Forget the old photo albums, and create something that will last a lifetime.

Softcover Photo Book_children-horz
Instagram Friendly Book  “Built for the square image, these premium quality softcover photo books feature layouts designed with Instagram in mind. Off your device, into your life.™” I could have a hundred of these. In fact, with such a great price, you could have a hundred. One for each year of your life would be an adorable collection.

Wood Block-Prints-horz
Wood Block + Prints “Make it a well-dressed desk! This gift item is a simple way to create a rotating art display with 12 of your photos that sit as textured paper prints in a wood block.” Minimal, modern and warm…my favorite kind of design.

Wooden Box and Postcards_newborn-horz
Wooden Box “The perfect home for your photo books or prints. Our wooden box features a customizable printed lid with your choice of text or an image. Best part? The box is handcrafted with reclaimed mountain beetle pine.”
Postcard Pack “Upload your favorite images to build a pack of 20 unique postcards on high quality 100% recycled paper.”

I hope you like this company as much as I do. Not only do they make beautiful things, they are a beautiful company with a big heart. For more information about Artifact Uprising, read their story HERE.

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