Spring Greens & Vermilion Hues






I have been on an indoor gardening kick lately, filling every nook and cranny with plants (that I hope I won’t kill). One of my favorite places to implement greenery is on the mantel. When visiting homes in the south, I rarely see plants on fireplace mantels. Maybe it’s more of a west coast thing? Whatever it is, I am a huge fan of juxtaposing books, plants and sculptures together in this tiny little area of the living room.

After the holidays, I left my mantel pretty bare. We are talking two plants. I don’t know about you, but after Christmas I need a non-decorating season. A clear the clutter, let the house breath, decorating hiatus.

I decided to leave the mantel clear until I felt inspired. Well, January and February came and went. And then March came along with spring, and I still didn’t have a shred of inspiration. But! Then one day I stumbled upon a gorgeous vermilion colored candle on a stack of vintage red books at West Elm. Ding! Ding! Ding! I was smitten by the simple display and could not wait to take this candle home with me. I had finally found my inspiration. This color combination was exactly what I had been looking for, except I didn’t know it until I saw it.

Searching for inspiration without perimeters is a beautiful creative process. If you haven’t tried it, you should the next time you are re-designing a space. Look for a feeling, a color or a flavor instead of an object – the process is more interesting when you don’t have specifics.

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Daydreaming of Pretty Greens

Greenhouse on Gardenista-horz
Greenhouse via Gardenista

Houseplants – I do love them so. I find myself often daydreaming of owning a shop showered in leafy greens or building a gorgeous greenhouse in my backyard. I don’t have a green thumb really, but I am passionate about plants. I love the way they contrast against hard surfaces in their strange textures and intense colors. They bring an exotic element to home decor that enriches a space. My favorite varieties are those with strong, architectural lines. Often categorized as modern and sculptural. Not only are they visually appealing, they are hardy. Meaning, I can’t kill them.

Below are some of my favorite plants and interesting ways in how to place them in the home. Enjoy!

Bathroom Wall-horz
Ferns & Moss Wall via Houzz and Air Plant Wall via Design Milk

Split-Leaf Philodendron via Planete Deco and Fiddle Leaf Fig via Gardenista

Pencil Cactus-horz
Pencil Cactus via Poppytalk and String of Pearls in Copper via Etsy

Wall Plant Antlers-horz
Staghorn Ferns via Flora Grubb and Carla Aston Designed

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Holiday Wreaths

Large tile4I’m feeling the urge to make a holiday wreath today. There is just something so therapeutic about trudging through the woods, gathering bits of nature and then combining them into something beautiful for your home.

Gone are the days of big bows, cheap bright colors, and fluffy fake holiday wreaths. This season the trend is clean lines and soft color palettes. Using fresh flowers, botanicals and fruits. A welcomed change.

Looking for inspiration? Check out Alyssa Hoppe, Moon Canyon Designs, Annette Joseph and Gardenista on Pinterest. Or pick up my new favorite book, The Wreath Recipe Book.

1. Unique Holiday Wreath by Alyssa Hoppe (DIY on Design Love Fest)
2. Metallic Pinecone Wreathy by Papier D’Amour
3. Thanksgiving Wreath by Emily Thompson
4. Citrus Winter Wreath by Sarah Ryhanen
5 & 6. Wreaths by Moon Canyon Designs

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