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I’m a California girl living in the South.

Nashville was meant to be a visit, but a boy stole my heart and asked me to stay.
It didn’t take long for the South to make itself my home.

For five years, I managed & owned the home décor store Nest Interiors – my personal design playground. Now I freelance as a scout, curator and stylist, and there is never a dull moment.


Nothing gives me more pleasure than scouring quirky boutiques, salvage yards and antique malls for unusual decor. You may spot me digging in search of buried treasure through barrels, piles and bins like a woman obsessed. It may look similar to a hoarder’s compulsion but think of me more as a foster mother, caring for unique pieces until finding them the perfect home.


I have always been fascinated by other people’s perspective and individual style. Everyone leaves a paper trail of their desires and vision; I love the challenge of finding them and creating something beautiful. Sometimes this means procurement, hand selecting items to create cohesive collections in home décor and fine art. Other times it’s preparing artists and entrepreneurs for the marketplace, sifting through existing pieces and fine tuning a perfect presentation.


As an interior stylist and designer, I often work with tastemaker’s, entrepreneurs and creatives for whom nothing is too over the top or bizarre. I thrive on their passion, which means I have a lot of fun with my styling. If you are in Nashville, you can see some of my commercial designs around town: Edgehill Café and Juice Nashville.


I am the co-founder of Village Artisan Fair, a director of Nashville Fashion Week, and alumni board member of abrasiveMedia.

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