Gas Lamp Antique Mall


One of my favorite things about my job is that I get to shop. A LOT.

A local favorite is Gas Lamp & Gas Lamp Too Antique Mall located in 100 Oaks. With over 25,000 square feet of goods in each building, your guaranteed to find something wonderful. And most likely, magical. The mall is filled to the brim with one of a kind items, oddities, antique & vintage furnishings, home decor and artwork. Whether you are looking for a gift, a unique item for your home, or a prop for a photo-shoot, Gas Lamp will likely have it and a few other things you didn’t know you needed.

On my most recent trip to Gas Lamp, I was on the hunt for over the top, ornate statement pieces. My current project is a baroque modern office with a strong influence of music and fashion.  The client wish list is flocked wallpaper, oxblood red & graphite black accents, tiger stripes, brass & gold-leaf, mirrors, modern & antique furnishings and lots of pop art. Fun, right?! Having a client who knows what they want and is willing to take risks is the best client to have.

Phase one of my projects is research and scouting. Before I have my heart set on a specific design, I go out and explore. It’s important to free your mind and allow yourself to be open to new ideas. Especially when you are at an antique store. You never know what you are going to stumble upon. You could miss out on something really special because you were too stuck on your original idea.

Design Tip: Enjoy the process, don’t be in a hurry and think outside the box.

Here are a few photos of my trip to Gas Lamp:

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Two and half years ago I closed the doors of my home décor store. Retail was changing and I knew I had to let go. At least for a little while. I won’t deny it, it was a lovely store. Full of handmade goods, one of a kind treasures and baubles that made you smile. Everything had a story to tell. Customers would come in with a look of wonder, anticipating new finds. My treasure hunt became theirs and it was a delight to watch.

It’s hard to let go of something you love. But it’s exciting to know that as you close one door, another one really does open. This past season has been a wonderful (and scary) experience of self-discovery. I was worried that if I closed my store, no one would remember me and I would have nothing to do. Well, that was not the case. Within a month, I was hitting the ground running making new relationships, working on large design projects and partnering with some of Nashville’s finest.

And now I am starting anew, once again.

Today I am stepping out into the light, in all of its frightening glory, and putting a voice to my work. As a stylist, you learn so much, meet so many people and find a plethora of good finds. Sharing those discoveries is half the fun. So join me on my new adventure, and enjoy the ride.

Welcome to Flock South.


* The HELLO printable can be purchased on Etsy at Designsbybiancab 

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