The Nashville Farmers’ Market

Sunshine, friends, delicious food and a big ole’ park – this is how I spent my Sunday. I took the whole day off and put my phone on silent. It was wonderful to bask in the sun and cool crisp air while enjoying immense laughter with the ones I love. If you haven’t been to the Nashville Farmers’ Market lately, you should definitely head over there soon. The new businesses and renovations have brought so much life to this market.

Although I have always enjoyed the Nashville Farmers’ Market, it hasn’t necessarily been a “great” market. I’ve been to some pretty amazing markets around the world, and this market has never had that city market buzz that I love so much. The market has always felt incomplete. An odd combination of foods, and not a destination for great produce and dining. Quirky and fun in its own right, but not a place to be really excited about.

Well, I think the farmers’ market has finally found it’s stride and the market is on its way to something quite wonderful. Recently, the market has brought in additions like The Picnic Tap (great beer!), Jeni’s Ice Cream, Batch, Bella Nashville, Caracasville Empanadas and Sloco. Juice Nashville is soon to open a space, and I have heard there is going to be a sushi, and coffee shop as well. Combined with the excellent ethnic food, like Jamaica Way, Chicago Gyro, and Swagruha Indian Restuarant, the food selection is full of delicious variety. As for the outdoor produce and garden market, there are no more distribution companies and random guys selling questionable produce. The new policy only allows farmers. Which means the market will finally have consistent, local and good quality produce and plants this year.

The energy that makes a farmers’ market so great is finally finding it’s way to the north end market. I am very excited about this change and look forward to seeing what shows up in the coming months.

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December and Nashville Happenings

So this week has been a bit crazy with work and life. And to make things a bit more interesting, I wrote three gift guides for the blog and another publication. I cannot tell you how happy I am that it is the weekend! Starting a blog during the holidays was kind of an insane move. But I’m hoping that come January, things will be smooth sailing. Fingers crossed.

I had full intention to write about all the wonderful local events I was attending in early December. But,um…that didn’t happen. Life buzzed by and all these goodies just stood in the blog queue. So today’s post is quite simple. Here’s where I have been as of late.


My first December event was the Porter Flea Holiday Market and preview party. Porter Flea Holiday Market is an annual modern handmade market that happens the first weekend of December. It’s a much anticipated event for most Nashvillian’s. All of your favorite locally made items in one place for the holidays. Such a great concept!

This year, Madewell Nashville hosted a preview party featuring Handmade Studio TN and Consider the Wldfwrs. I love preview parties. They are intimate and a slower pace, allowing you to take your time.

Handmade Studio TN is dear to my heart, as I was the first to carry her beautiful pottery line. All her new wares are gorgeous and stunningly simplistic. Consider the Wldfwrs is the newest jewelry kid on the block and on everyone’s must-have list. Beautiful, delicate designs that just make your heart swell.

Porter Flea-tileMy favorite thing at Porter Flea was the fantastic props! The first thing you saw as you entered the market were the 3-D prism shapes designed and created by the Craftcourse Nashville duo. Over-sized paper prisms hanging in the entry, exit, on tables, in corners and the backdrop for the most fabulous photo booth. Impressive ladies!

And a big shout out to my dear friends at Bright Event Productions for the handmade Porter Flea light sign. Well done!

Every year, my husband and I attend the 12 South Winter Warmer. Also on the first weekend of December. Tickets go on sale in October and sell out in minutes. Yes, minutes. It’s hands down, the best beer festival of the year. You bundle up in your finest winter attire and drink the whole day. It’s kind of awesome.

Oh! And I finally chose boots for my Montreal trip. After trying on a million boots, the Sorel Conquest Carly won me over. They made their debut at the 12 South Winter Warmer. My toes were toasty, and I received so many compliments on how stylish they were. Definitely chose the right ones.

Gingerbread-tileFinally, the annual gingerbread house (okay, graham cracker house) evening. For the last few years, my dear friend Kristin has hosted a gingerbread house night. It’s pretty much an excuse to shut our brains off, drink wine and build ridiculous structures made of sugar. There’s only one rule, leave your crazy life and perfectionism at the door. This night is not about creating beautiful things, it’s about enjoying each others company.  And laughing a lot! As you can see, there is nothing perfect about my crooked house that has no door and a weird open loft on top. But it’s full of memories, and that’s all that matters. If you haven’t created something without giving a shit, you should try it sometime. It’s very freeing.

How are you spending your December days?