FALL at the Sideshow Fringe Festival

Fall at the SIdeshow Fringe Festival

Photo Credit: Snappy Lifestyle (Nashville Fashion Week Gala 2014)

My amazingly talented friend, Rebekah Hampton Barger, and her dance company FALL are performing once again at the Fringe Festival (July 17th & 18th). From the sneak-peeks, this performance is going to be the best yet!

If you are not familiar with FALL, you are missing out. FALL is a contemporary dance company “using all the instruments at our disposal to create art that both inspires and entertains. By incorporating aerial dance, site specific work, more traditional dance elements, and collaborations with other artists and genres, FALL moves in all dimensions of space to make innovative, exciting and unexpected art”. Aka, badass.

FALL will be performing “The Night Girl” tonight and tomorrow evening. Nashville-based harpist/composer, Timbre and FALL recently collaborated on the music video for “Night Girl: Nycteris Sees the Sun”, a track off Timbre’s beautifully stunning new record. This will be the first live performance of the piece & will feature Timbre, along with select members of her band. You can get your tickets here. Don’t miss out, this is a must-see event!

FALL is also thrilled to once again present “Fighting With Windmills”, an original piece created for & performed for the 1st SIDESHOW Fringe Festival in 2011.
Rounding out the program will be the debut of “5 Things I Know To Be True”, a new solo work by FALL artistic director, Rebekah Hampton Barger.

7:00pm, Friday, July 17
8:00pm, Saturday, July 18

$15 each

Belmont Black Box Theater

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The Elastic Heart and Starting Over

When I first saw Sia’s Elastic Heart video earlier this year, I cried. The imagery evoked such deep feelings, I couldn’t do anything but put the video on repeat and sob. The warring performance of “ones self” by Maddie Ziegler and Shia Lebeouf is thought-provoking, raw and incredibly powerful. It’s the kind of art that stays with you for a very long time.

Recently, I have had this song and performance running through my mind. Something about it is championing my inner self, my current state of being. I have been in an intense transition and transformation this past year – a season of unadulterated growth. And let me tell you, it’s been ugly and a bit embarrassing. I am supposed to be entering the height of my career, and instead I am intentionally starting over. Letting go of what I know, what I do well, and stepping away from the people I hide behind. For me to thrive, I must meet face-to-face with desperation and vulnerability. Stripped down, pushing through the blinding wind in search of the cliff side where I will inevitably jump.

My complacency and fear of failure has disallowed real change in my life. The kind of change that pushes me well past my comfort zone. I won’t lie, I love control. I love knowing everything before moving forward. But I also love the rush of the unknown. Beautiful, organic movement that takes me to unforeseen places. I crave that freedom, yet all too often, I take the safer paths. I dream about Thailand, but I get as far as Atlanta. My mind has always been polarized, a tumultuous playground of desire and restraint. But as of late, I have had no choice but to push the restraint aside. The “desire” has become greater than my controlling self, shaking me like a rag doll and screaming “Wake up! I’m starving!”.

So here’s to letting passion triumph over what is safe and intentionally starting over.

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