Sunday Morning Luxe

This morning I sat in a bit of luxury. Minutes after I woke up, I knew that all I wanted to do before the chaos of today’s festivities was relax on the porch (with no agenda in mind). Responsibilities would wait, and I would enjoy an espresso and magazine while basking in the morning sunshine. And that is exactly what I did. I happily marched past my dear husband and sweet pups, and ventured out on this fine morning. Well, ventured out about ten feet. But it might as well have been 400 miles south, because my front porch felt as if it had been transported to the gulf coast. The air was crisp, the wind blew gently, and the sunshine drenched my chair in decadent warmth.

Before I cracked my domino magazine open (the one I have had for two months and have only read 3 pages), I sat in quiet and just watched & listened. Pairs of birds danced, fluttered, and darted through the trees before me. Spring was quite evident in my little urban neighborhood. Noisy chirps bouncing from one street to the next, echoing in every direction. It was quite a lovely scene, and exactly what my soul needed.

And then I delved into the gorgeous Domino magazine. Oh the treasures this issue had! Why had I waited so long to experience such goodness?! So much luxe and innovation, it made my heart pitter-patter. This morning felt as though I awoke ocean side, and then traveled to the most exquisite places designed by some of the most incredible designers on the planet. Just two hours, and I feel like I just went on vacation. Sigh…


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Saturday Discovery

Saturday is my day of exploration. No commitments, no expectations, just a day to peruse and discover. Here are today’s finds:

Marc Jacobs-Diana Vreeland-horz2
THIS IS A MUST SEE: The Refinery29 video The Marc Jacobs Creation That Took a Week To Complete is stunning. Marc Jacobs tribute to fashion icon, Diana Vreeland, was exquisite.

Wes Anderson-tile
SWOON-WORTHY: Finally! Someone is taking Wes Anderson’s gorgeous film props and making them our reality. Run, do not walk, to the Very Troubled Child.


DECOR MUST HAVE: Domino pillows in coral pinks, black and white. Gorgeous patterns and texture!

Biscuit love2-horz
NASHVILLE BREAKFAST SPOT: The Biscuit Love is a new restaurant in Nashville, located in the Gulch. It’s so good, I have been multiple times this week. Delicious!

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