Frankly, My Dear, I Don’t Give A Damn

Johnny Cash_finger-tile
This week has been full of mishaps, too many deadlines, client cancellations, schedule changes, inclement weather and….you get the point, it was a dumb week. Today seems to be the most obnoxious part of all. Whatever was put off to take care of other things earlier in the week is now due. ALL OF IT, RIGHT NOW. And then there is my darling blog whispering “um, you haven’t written for 3 days. Don’t you have some sort of 30 day writing challenge?”.

But hey, I’m not dying, living on the street, crying in a corner and people still love me. So I am doing pretty good. Just a bit of a stress ball and really tired. So I’m going to end this day a little early, drink some lovely libations and give this week the middle finger.

Enjoy the fun products below, and cheers to the weekend!

Fuck You Pillows-tile
Fuck You Love Me Pillows by Said The King

Jimmie Martin-Candle-tile
I’m A Fucking Star chair by Jimmie Martin and Darling Just Fucking Own It by Damselfly

Fancy Bitch-horz2
Fancy Bitch by Miss With It, Bullshit Mug by Nelle Design & Bitch Please by Koleson

FUck you_post no bills-tile
Badass Loft photographed by the talented Patrick Cline


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