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(Photo via Kore Nashville)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (I know, major eye roll). The infamous holiday that causes most people to feel lonely. The pressure to get everything perfect just to say ‘I Love You’ is nauseating. So much expectation that everyone fails.

For many years, I simply did not participate in this silly holiday. I’m not a big fan of forced affection. I’d rather be surprised by flowers on a Tuesday afternoon in March then to have a bouquet of roses on Valentines because someone said I should. But! I do love stationary and beautiful cards. A true love affair with high-quality paper goods. And this time of year, the designs are gorgeous. So, awhile back I decided to create a new tradition for Valentine’s Day. Give little notes to my friends and loved ones on V-Day to say I am so thankful to have them in my life. I no longer look at this holiday as a set-up for failure or a forced fed love fest. But a day to say thank you to my community that continually loves and supports me.Rifle_1-horzOne of my favorite companies for cards and stationary is Rifle Paper Co by Anna Bond. Beautifully designed paper goods with a dash of wit. Perfect for giving to friends and family. Anna’s illustrative style comes from her deep affection of life’s personal stories and moments told through handwritten notes. Each card, each piece of paper is illustrated with incredible hand painted detail.They are tiny works of art that many collect and frame. Her signature colors of pinks, corals and deep reds are perfect for Valentine’s Day. So, get rid of all those expectations and holiday pressures, find a lovely card and give someone you love a little note.Rifle_4-horzRifle_3-horz

Rifle_2-horzWant to buy Rifle Paper Co locally? Kore Nashville has an excellent selection, as well as beautiful home goods, personal care and gifts. And if you don’t live in Nashville, you can shop at Rifle’s online store or you can find a small selection at your local Paper Source and Anthropologie.


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