Nashville Sledding and My Misfortune

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So, today was an uneventful day of having my arm examined by a physical therapist and sports doctor. Due to a sledding accident on Nashville’s Capitol Hill, I haven’t been able to use my arm. No driving, no lifting, and the most pathetic typing skills known to man. It wasn’t even a good wipe-out that was worthy of a great story. No, it was me panicking that I was going to end up in the street and be hit by a car if I didn’t figure out a way to stop the damn sled. I don’t even know what happened, except that there was a lot of ice, I fell off my sled half way down the hill, then somehow ended back on the sled, then using my arm I tried to stop the sled and then a final tumble into the frozen gutter. Not a cool fall…like at all.

But! The good news is my arm is not broken. I just have to wear the infamous sling for awhile and then have it reexamined for future physical therapy. I still can’t do much (which is really annoying!) but I am thankful this ridiculous injury will heal soon.

Besides the injury, sledding on Capitol Hill was a blast! With the ice, it was shear terror but very exhilarating. Hands down the best place to go sledding. Fantastic steep hill and the views are stunning. Just don’t panic like I did, and you’ll be fine.

I leave you tonight with a video my friend Justin Harvey made of our sledding adventure. And yes, that is me slipping on the ice before we even got to the hill. What can I say, I’ve got skills.


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      I’m delighted that you are reading my blog. Yes, that hill was dangerous and so much fun. Arm is doing much better today, thanks.
      Love you!

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